Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Over the weekend, the sports club decided to head on to Chiling Falls after desakan demi desakan from Randy and Dylan (I think?).

The journey to Kuala Kubu Baru took less than an hour from KL via the trunk road from Rawang heading to Frazer's Hill.

The hike in took us quite awhile.

We had to cross the river several times to get to the famed waterfalls.

God knows what Ain and Grace were trying to do on the way in.

Most of us were wondering how long the trek in was until we set our eyes on this.

The kids had a field day in the pool area of the falls. (read: Dylan too.)

We met interesting people there...

We were stuffing ourselves with great food!

Did all sorts of things there...

Get a room, Azrina!

All in all, the trip was nothing but loads of fun!

Where next?