Monday, 19 March 2007

ERE goes to the KL International Marathon 2007 (Part 2)

the level of excitement was high at dataran merdeka.. as me and K arrived at the dataran merdeka, the 3km category for kids under 12 was just about to start. anxious parents are giving words of encouragement by the sideline as the kids get ready to hear the gun shot for the race to start. about 40 kids participated in the run.. and they look like they have the energy of a cheetah and they cant wait to start running!! as the big clock of Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad bangs to 8 o'clock, the gun shot was released. the kids started running for their lives..

by this time, the runners for the 10 km run have started to come to the finish line. we can see some exhausted runner who have just completed the run receiving medals at the finishing line looking proud of their accomplishment. K started to look at the runners coming into the last 100 metres for ERE staff member.. i was trying to find a good spot to snap the photos of the runners coming into the finish line.. hoping to get a good photo of them. *hint hint* unfortunately the organizer had a very funny way of making sure the participants details/number are recorded even before they cross over the finish line..
and suddenly, a familiar face came into sight.. zaime came walking leisurely to the finishing line queue as if he just woke up and run the 10 K run like a normal routine he does every weekend.. of course at that time when he saw me snapping away his photos, he just smiled and waved at me and K and he was off to collect his medal for being able to be the first 500 Men category to complete the race.
zaime was the first to cross the finishing line

there was still no sight of the other ERE gang.. i was really anxious to see who would finish the race next.. and it wasnt long before i see a familiar face in sight.. with matching red sleeveless/short running outfit.. K started to yell " GO BOON.. GO!!!! Ur almost there!!!!! GOOOO!!!! i think the photo speak for it self.. boon was really focused to finish the run and grinned as he passed by.. i guessed all the training, hard work and perseverance really paid off.. way to go boon!!!

"Mr President" came in soon after Boon.. i really have to take my hats off to dylan for being able to complete the race with very minimal training, also with his hands full for the highlands reports, and all the meat that we had during his birthday dinner..

my eyes started to wonder where the girls are... K was looking high and low for the rest of the gang.. of course by this time a sea of people have started to pass in front of me and K to the finishing line.. there was this sexy gucci mama complete with designer sunglasses and i-pod, an old uncle running without slippers and even some groupie looking school boys pacing each other even until the end of the race..

K began to shout " Here comes Regina!!! WHooooaaaaa, Go Regina!! and soon after shan min came into sight.. what a great effort they have shown running for the 10 km KL run.. the girls passed by me and K and made the final 50m run to the finish line.. however there was no sight of "Dr. Bala" passing by us to the finishing line.. it doesn't help either that K haven't actually met this Dr. Bala aka Jason. also we lost sight of raymond, samantha and regina's sister, anne.

We went over near to the finish line to gather up the rest of the gang.. These are some snapshop of the ERE gang after the finishing line, after they have collected their certificates and medals.

mr. cameraman congratulating a sweaty boon for his great effort.

the girls showing off their medals!!!

the first and second runner for a photo snapshot.

regina and anne

the macho guys of ERE, all smiles after finishing the race!

Mr. President posing with a medal in hand!! i wonder if zaime noticed his medal went missing..

after looking and gathering everybody, we headed off for breakfast nearby at tangling. this place is always full in the morning for their famous nasi lemak and you can Q for 10 mins to get to the delicious food at the end of the line.

a plate of nasi lemak was in order at the famous tangling nasi lemak corner.

not only is the nasi lemak self service, we also had to set up the tables. *note to dylan: use yoko yoko, to relieves back and muscle pain!

the nasi lemak plates were full to the brim with beef rendang, sambal sotong, fried chiken, eggs for some of the runners. *Name are concealed to protect the innocent runner's image after gulping down all those glorious food!!"

the whole gang post the 10 km run.

The above picture showing the look of their happy faces after a plate of nasi lemak and the satisfaction of finishing the KL 10 km run. i have to say, being a pom-pom girl for the day to cheer them on was one of the best way to spend my sunday morning. will be looking forward to the event next year. and maybe this time i'll bring the blue pom-pom with a hailer! :)


DarthVader said...

Hey, why no photo of this "this sexy gucci mama complete with designer sunglasses and i-pod"?

little black dress said...

heheheh.. i was too mesmerised to see her all dressed up for the run, that i didnt get a chance to snap a photo of her. maybe i'll do that for the subang run!!

Anonymous said...

You mean that fat guy actually finished the race?

little black dress said...

which fat guy??

virgin margarita said...

Darthvader or Harry???

little black dress said...

as far as im concerned, there was no fat guy mentioned in the text. i think some of the photos are poorly taken, hence showing distorted images of the actual person. i think i need to go training for that. hehe

Anonymous said...

There are no fat people in the Dark Side, so it can't be Vader.