Wednesday, 27 June 2007

One night in Chiang Mai

Contrary to what some may tell you, nightlife in Chiangmai is not boring. Firstly, there’s the pasar malam, which our guide Mr Happy Pramet urges to "attack" every night.

You can buy lights there.

There are mini pachyderms roaming the streets. How cool is that?

Then, once shopping and playing with elephants is out of the way, there is the pro-muay thai, where you can watch young boys pretend to kick each other.

Like its western cousin, pro-wrestling, the referee in pro-muay thai doesn't really do much.

In Chiang Mai, much fun may be had with small blocks of wood.
(although anything would seem fun after a few bottles of Singha).

There are friendly ladies from Udon Thani.

Later, you can visit strange gambling dens where the usual plastic chips are substituted with cotton buds.

Then to top off a really great night, there is guy sandwich action for those who enjoy that sort of thing.

All that in one night, believe it or not! Phew! Thanks for the good times, Chiang Mai!


little black dress said...

chiang mai night life sure looks exciting especially when u have good friends and company to join in the fun!! i remember going on a mad pasar malam shopping spree :) i wonder who made the most that night gambling.. cotton buds as money.. very creative. what happened to the rest of the cotton buds?

DarthVader said...

The action in the strange gambling den is great. They are not even found in regular tourist brochures.

Jas said...

Ya, really strange. Not to mention our neighbor who could not sleep. (should have checked out who was our neighboron the next day)...twilight zone music starts...

Harry,cool blogging action.

sugarNspice said...
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sugarNspice said...

The pasar malam "attack" really fun.. Still remember my colourful shoes???

Ya, forgot to checked out our neighbour

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